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do not go gentle into that good night;

rage, rage against the dying of the light.

(dylan thomas)

silently, one by one,
in the infinite
meadows of heaven,

blossomed the
lovely stars,
the forget-me-nots
of the angels.

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exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas.

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I’m not okay because all I can think about is Cas saying “I love you” while Dean jams the blade into his heart. Then Dean snaps out of his funk and has to hold Cas while Cas bleeds out, and has to listen to Cas repeating “I love you, I love you, it’s okay” and Dean can’t say anything, can’t breathe, because it’s finally happening and he’s dreamed of admitting to Cas how much he cares, loves him goddammit, and all he wants to do is kiss Cas until Cas can’t breathe.

He doesn’t.

He wants to shout “I’m in love with you, Cas” to the world until his voice is hoarse and his voice chords are shot.

But he can’t.

What he can do is stroke Cas’s face, fingers trembling, and listening to the shallow breaths of his angel until they…just stop.

Cas is quiet.

His hand shakes as he brushes back a strand of untamed hair, and restrains the sobs building in his chest as he gently shuts Cas’s eyes. The world is quiet. Distantly, Dean hears a grasshopper chirping in the distance. He doesn’t understand how anything is still existing when one of the best things that happened to the world stopped.

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identical twins have so much power tbh last year my lab partner steve came in with pierced ears and everyone was like whoa steve when did u get them pierced and he was like i’ve had them for 3 years. i’m not steve. and he just sat down and started taking notes. the next day steve came in and was like did u guys see my brother jake yesterday lmao we switched schools

how long have you traveled  a l o n e ?

                     p e r h a p s   i   n e v e r   h a v e 

didn’t anyone ever tell you? fear is a superpower. fear can make you faster and cleverer and stronger. And one day you’re going to come back to this barn and on that day you’re going to be very afraid indeed. But that’s okay, because if you’re very wise and very strong, fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly. fear can make you kind. it doesn’t matter if there’s nothing under the bed, or in the dark. so long as you know it’s okay to be afraid of it. So listen, if you listen to nothing else listen to this. you’re always going to be afraid, even if you learn to hide it. fear is like a companion. a constant companion, always there. but it’s okay. because fear can bring us together. fear can bring you home.  f e a r   m a k e s   c o m p a n i o n s   o f   u s   a l l .


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@ dazzyn   Jensen “scruffmonster” Ackles at Rising Con 2010


@ dazzyn   Jensen “scruffmonster” Ackles at Rising Con 2010

Misha Cruise - Vancon2014(do not repost)
Misha Cruise - Vancon2014
(do not repost)


a series of photographs titled “you may think I’m trying to be cute and hipster but really I’m lazy and didn’t feel like sitting up.”

As per request of Jaren

you’re flawless wtf hello there